My name is Casey, I go by Casey Quesadilla on all my social media! Why you may ask? I’m the cheesiest Casey you’ll ever know! Throughout life negativity plagued my thoughts and controlled my life. Now that I’ve come to love myself and accept who I am, I boost positivity and let others know that the thoughts they may have are just that; thoughts. Our stories aren’t written for us, we write them and make it something to be proud of.

What makes me different than most people are my ability to see things from multiple perspectives. I try to think through all outcomes and ways a situation could be taken by multiple people. When a person does this, it keeps from choosing sides and allows everyone to see from other perspectives as well. While people run with the thought of self-preservation, I run with the thought of seeing the positive.

I suppose the one thing that stands out on my website would be my YouTube videos. With these, I haven’t edited most of them, because of this I’ve allowed others to see my flaws. Early on in my channel I wanted to establish transparency with my viewers, whoever they might be. The most important thing I want to stand out about my blog, is that though my experiences are shared as a story, they are my experiences. I format them this way to allow everyone to relate in more than one way. For a long time, the only thing I had to relate to was fiction and music, this way my blog gives the experience of reading a book while the reader knows that someone has actually gone through this and has still managed to keep positivity alive.

women with gifts casey quesadilla

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4 thoughts on “Blog Feature|Casey Quesadilla

  1. Casey, this is going to be a fabulous platform for you! Thanks so much for being brave enough to heal, and brave enough to share so others can see your light shine. You’re going to give hope and courage to more people so they can love themselves too.

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  2. Thanks Casey for sharing your story. I love your videos because I see the authentic you. I’m proud you for not editing your videos. Your enthusiasm and positively make me want to start to love myself for who I am. I love being part of your Cheesy Family. Love you always and forever. :)D

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