Hello, my name is Nikki

Institute of Directors Annual Conference 2013

Having spent nearly ten years in the fashion business (Nikki was on BBC’s Dragons Den in 2011, subsequently securing £250k of investment for her clothing brand Made In Preston before exiting in 2015) Hesford Media was launched in 2017.

She had used agencies for SEO, PR and marketing while running my fashion brand – some costing thousands per month, and had found herself frustrated with most of them lacked transparency around what work was being carried out behind the scenes. But most of all the lack of accountability for results, and the woolly metrics on which performance was based would leave her seething as nobody was able to do the job as well as she could herself, but  was too busy dealing with high street accounts and manufacturing operation.

When exiting that fashion brand in 2015 following the birth of her youngest baby, Nikki knew she didn’t want to run another business where she was responsible for the delivery and production of products. Running a factory and therefore staff, materials, quality control, inventory management etc had proven to be a thankless, exhausting and endless task!

women with gifts nikki ford ii

Nikki’s love was for Marketing, PR, creating a buzz – seeing traffic come into a website and getting featured in magazines. Building an epic Facebook campaign that would bring in thousands off a small advertising budget. It was therefore a natural progression for her to create an agency that ticked those boxes she felt had been missing when she had been hiring agencies for her own business.

Having been an early adopter of Facebook PPC in 2011, spending a sizeable budget on the platform – and now managing around £100k a month of Ad Spend for clients, Nikki is one of the few female Facebook PPC specialists in the industry.

Her events teaching other small businesses how to market their business with her Business Academy are always a sell out months in advance – with her Facebook Ads Masterclass events being a massive hit with small businesses trying to navigate the complexity of PPC and ultimately resorting to ‘Boosting’ posts to get seen.

Website: www.nikkihesford.co.uk



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