women with gifts devaiya part 2
Hello my name is Ruby and  I am a mummy of two, a teacher and am currently running my own business called Devaiya Oils. I create my own oil blends and have 9 products in my range. This all started in 2015 after I had a car accident and suffered a whiplash injury. I was unhappy about taking medication and discovered the power of oils to heal my pain and symptoms. I spent hours and days researching and months sharing my oil wirh others. It was only then that I that realised the power of oils and natural healing. I learnt more about my product through the feedback received and I realised how versatile my oil was.
This continued with new products and a loyal audience whose feedack was invaluable and it was people who drove me abd I based all future products on what people required.
I now have a body range (pain, sleep deprivation, anxiety) and  beauty range and all products are based around what customers asked for. In July 2016 I also became a member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council
I regularly do events and workshops to promote natural health (on the days I am not teaching(!)) and some of my customers include fibromyalgia sufferers and those with osteoarthritis and sleep deprivation.
My business has been a journey and would not exist with the power of people who believe in my product range and recognise the importance of natural healing. I am looking forward to what this year brings!
women with gifts devaiya part 3
Please do take a look at my facebook page here
 Website: www.devaiyaoils.uk

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