About 6 or more months ago, I went inside this boutique and I really wasn’t looking for anything fancy, just wanted to look around. As I turned to one of their miscellaneous racks, I spotted this box that read, “Prayer Box”. I picked it up not because it read prayer box but because it was a wooden box that was really cute anything else was just a bonus. The box was super cute had a mini pen and papers inside and I bought it without even thinking of its true purpose. I only bought it because of the vanity aspect of it.

I bought the prayer box and set it on my desk at work. The more the box sat on my desk the more I begin to put it to use. If I had a rough day at work, I would write down, “God please help me though this day!”.  Since my daughter was born, she has always been really sick with heart and breathing issues. She also had recently started having unexplainable seizers.  So, I remember taking out the mini pen and paper and writing, “God please heal my daughter and help her find a job.” I had written this to God because she had applied for two positions and she didn’t get them and I know she wanted to work and earn money like the rest of her friends.  When I first started to use this box, I treated this box like a boy or man that you didn’t want to take home to your parents because I knew that prayer wasn’t really accepted in my workplace. So, I wrote my prayers down on the papers before people could see me and hid my box behind my work computer. At work, my co-workers were use to seeing me write down quotes and scriptures on sticky notes but never prayers. I always prayed in my mind but never really on paper. The whole writing my prayers in a prayer box thing was super new to me.

The more issues I had in my life I no longer cared who saw me write down my prayers and put them in the box. The more God answered my prayers I really became confident with my prayer box and my communication with God. Because I had so many issues with my daughter’s sickness, my son and his new family, working full time, organizing a nonprofit I didn’t want to bog God down with just my issues because I knew God was there and he would work my issues out. So, in passing, I would hear my co-workers’ issues. We had a supervisor that had a stroke, one of my co-workers had a wreck as was taking taxis and Ubers to work, one of my co-workers wanted a promotion, one of my co-workers had lost two relatives in one week. I wrote down all of our issues in the prayer box!

No one really ever brags on God but, that supervisor that had a stroke healed, my 17-year old daughter got a job, co-worker got another car, and the co-worker wanting that promotion was promoted a month ago.. Oh yea, I didn’t pray for it but I was promoted recently too! God knows my needs!

Then I realized what this prayer box was really for. It wasn’t a vanity item at all. It was only a reminder that God is real and still answers prayers. It was a reminder that regardless of what I go through and what my friends, family and co-workers go through HE is still there and I can communicate with him. God is still there.

Now my prayer box sits on the desk no longer hidden and co-worker may chuckle because I still have it, but when they go through something too big for them to handle, they will ask “hey can you write my name in the prayer box?” My answer is still the same, “YES!” God’s answer is still yes. Not always yes to her prayers but yes that HE has heard them and he will always be there for you!-LK

{This inspiration was written by the founder of Women With Gifts}




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