As a woman, if you could share anything about yourself that makes you different from any other woman, what would you share?

Today’s question is answered by Daniela Pisciottano

A sense of belonging. That’s what we all strive to achieve as human beings. But it seems like every time we decide to join other people and blend in, we need to sacrifice a little bit of ourselves. Personally, I’ve never felt the need of blending in; to put it in better words, I wanted to, but sacrificing a bit of myself was never on the table.

I never felt like I belonged and, although I was proud of still having my integrity, there were times when I wished that I had given up a bit of that to finally start belonging.

Things changed when I moved from my hometown in Italy to London. Well, to be honest things didn’t change much during the first year but, as my confidence grew and the sadness of being away from home became bearable, I started feeling that there was still hope for me and I slowly started belonging in London. That big world, so far away from the place I call home was making me feel comfortable and accepted, and that felt amazing.

I was in before I knew it; no one told me, but I finally belonged somewhere.

We should never sacrifice who we are in order to feel included, what we should do is be patient and stop struggling so much for something we don’t really need. As women, we are strong enough to survive on our own, and I don’t mean that as in isolating ourselves from the rest of the world, I’m talking about accepting the fact that, until the right time comes, we won’t feel like we belong anywhere.

But one day, one ordinary day, that time comes, and you will finally feel like you’ve found your place in the world.

Women With Gifts Daniela Pisciottano

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