My name is Nicole, I’m an aspiring blogger, who blogs outfits using my late mothers clothing with my own. I also blog about grief and mental health. I wanted to not only honor my mother with Remembrance Wardrobe, I also want to help others who are going through grief and hardships. Clothing can help us remember the people we have lost.

What I learned from being an empath:

  • Not everyone has the same sensitive feelings as you. Sometimes it’s difficult to be around others who don’t care about others feelings.
  • You need to move on from sad things, you can’t change or prevent. If I see a dead animal on the road, I cry. If I see someone get yelled by someone, I cry. If I see a plastic bag floating in the blue skies… I cry.
  • You’re not alone. I have met so many other empaths, randomly in public, and It’s such a great feeling.
  • Being an empath, is cool, even though it can be draining at times.

Overall being an empath can be draining, and overwhelming. But, it’s nice to be in tuned with not only your own emotions, but with other peoples emotions. –Remembrance Wardrobe

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