I’m (Kitty) Cat Strawberry and I’m the creator of The Strawberry Post.  I’m a thirty-something lady who enjoys both simple and silly things like cat videos to very serious subjects like politics and health. I started this blog after several years of starting and failing to keep up other blogs.  It’s not that I didn’t like my blogging, I just kept trying to find my niche…and then I’d get bored of my niche so I’d start another blog and then get exhausted trying to run several at once, ultimately giving up on them all.

The Strawberry Post came about as a sudden inspiration.   I’ve struggled with my health over the years, having a chronic illness and lots of other life struggles, but in 2018, my health took a real nose dive and it left me very exhausted and depressed.  After some time, I wanted to get out of the rut and begin my recovery.  By then I’d grown tired of trying to keep up a niche blog when my own thoughts kept changing with my ever-changing circumstances.  I wanted a blog where I could truly be me, talk about the subjects that interest me (and hopefully interest you too), a blog that was easy to run, where I could share good and bad stuff and all my interests no matter how varied, from board games, video games and books to colouring, poetry, depression and general health.  So here it is, The Strawberry Post.  My own little corner of the internet.  I’ve got so many things I want to talk about and share with people, so this is where I get to be me, to talk about different subjects I like, and I hope that by sharing my thoughts, you might enjoy reading them too.

My blog is a true random mix of subjects and I love it.  My health is also slowly improving and I’m finally doing what I truly love.  I hope you’ll enjoy my blog, and thank you in advance for anyone who stops by. 🙂
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