When I write with a pen

I breathe

Taking in all my thoughts of yesterday

Walking in whatever has manifested today

Breathing out to make my fears go away

Breathing out to make the stress fade away

Hoping that only positive stays

When I write with a pen

When I write with a pen

When I write with a pen

I realize that we put ourselves where we want to be

Even if it takes us a while to achieve

Even when that thought is hard to believe

When I write with a pen

When I write with a pen

I think too much about what it is I want to say

Overanalyzing in an oh so Virgo way

Thoughts sprout from seeds to branches and then start to sway

As I’m constantly asking “Why am I this way?”

When I write with a pen

I wonder when my thoughts will ever be complete

And when I’ll feel stable on the ground beneath my feet

Should I stop searching for roses beneath the concrete

When I write with a pen

I decided to take this moment and then

The words starting flowing with such each, without end

I think I’ll do this again

I like what happens

When I write with a pen

A little background on the piece:
For the past two years, I’ve been soul searching. I started meditating and really looking inward to heal from toxic experiences. One day, a favorite artist of mine, Jhene Aiko, did a live session on Instagram showing her segment of a poetry summit she was doing. She explained that one form of meditation she does regularly is writing meditation…a little like journaling. This was a little different because, with this method, you choose a phrase to write in your pauses. The one she used that day was “when I write with a pen”. This works because instead of you coming to a halt, you’re still flowing in thought until something else comes to you. I’ve been using this method ever since then. 
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