Women With Gifts Ashley

Ashley Barnes – Founder & Chief Designer, Glam Branding Bar
My name is Ashley Barnes and I am the Founder and Chief Designer of Glam
Branding Bar, a design and branding company for female entrepreneurs.
I founded Glam Branding Bar earlier this year, 2018. We have grown at an
incredible rate, and a month ago I added a Social Media Manager and Virtual
Assistant to assist clients. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was a
teenage single mother at 18, working low paying dead-end jobs just wasn’t paying
the bills. Over several years, marriage, and 2 more children later, I’ve had 3 failed
businesses. But I wasn’t prepared to give up. I was bound and determined to have
my own business and I wasn’t going to stop until I made it happen. Fast forward
to this year, I’ve finally made it happen and I couldn’t be happier or prouder of
myself. All my doubts and tears and failures have taught me so much. I have
learned that everything that lasts takes time to build and take off, nothing
happens overnight or without blood sweat and tears, and you must push your
fears aside and just jump in and start swimming! Not only is it hard work to get it
going, but it’s even harder work to keep it going and to make it grow. But it’s all
worth everything you’ve put in, and more!

The best advice I could ever give another woman trying to start a business would be to not give up, because you never know when it’s finally your turn unless you keep going. Dreams only happen when you make them come true.

Glam Branding Bar works tirelessly to provide high-end, quality designs for the female entrepreneur. We spend time with our clients to understand their vision, so that we can exceed their expectations for their brand. From blogger, creative, eCommerce, photographer, we’ve got something for everyone! You can expect nothing but the best customer service from every member of the Glam Branding Bar team!

Founded by female entrepreneur, Ashley Barnes, she knows first hand what it’s like building a business and trying to find the perfect logo, website, and designs to fit your brand. We pride ourselves on helping women feel good about their brand/business, rather it’s brand new, or going through the stressful re-branding phase. With years of design experience, you can feel good about turning to us for all of your business needs.

“I want to help empower women, so I do so through design. I feel that if a women feels good about her branding for her business, she feels unstoppable and confident and can put her focus on other areas. I strive to surpass my client’s expectations.” – Ashley Barnes, Founder/Designer

We don’t just stop at logo, website & branding design…..We also design resume templates, ecommerce social media graphics, and website design. The sky is the limit here at Glam Branding Bar!

Women With Gifts Glam Branding Bar

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