Recently, we asked female entreprenuers the following question:
As a woman, if you could share anything about yourself that makes you different from any other woman, what would you share?
Today this question was answered by entreprenuer and volunteer, Pamela Cohen

Hello My name is Pamela Cohen and I’m the President of Women With Gifts Intl.When I joined Women With Gifts organization, I have no idea that I had cancer. I mainly went by my everyday life taking care of my mom and volunteering for my church and other community events. I took care of my mom until her death last year. She was in her 90’s and outside of working and caring for others, I really never knew what else my life had in store with my mom being gone.

When I was asked what makes me different from other women, I would have to say my faith. I really never understood why I would go to church and sing with my previous pastor. I never realized how much I learned from him about faith and the Bible. I can remember being teased as a teen for always going up the street to our church.

I just never realized how much faith played a major role in my life from childhood until now as an adult. I am a woman of faith and I strongly believe that it was faith that got me through being depressed and struggling as single mother with two children.

I remember as a single mother I stopped going to church because and began to get into worldly things and situations. I remember when I turned back to God and I haven’t let go. I can remember getting on my knees praying for deliverance from an abusive marriage and God brought me thought that situation. Shortly after my mom passed, I found out I had breast cancer and I believe that it was my faith that got me through the chemo treatments. Today I can say that I’m healed.

Faith plays a role in my life EVERYDAY and I’m grateful for that! I am different because of my faith. I am different because I am a survivor of both domestic violence and breast cancer. I am different because regardless of what I’ve gone through I still believe. I’m grateful to God, my church, my children and grandchildren and I’m also grateful for this organization.

Pamela Cohen

Women With Gifts Pam Cohen








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