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Hello my name is Kalina Halatcheva and before starting my own business I worked for a large insurance company. After I finished my MBA at London Business School, however, I felt the confidence and urge to create my own business and I choose a sector I loved, which is food. When I started 6 years ago, there was no much competition in the healthy ice cream market and this was my first brand: a super delicious no sugar added ice cream Coppa della Maga (meaning in Italian ‘The bowl of the magician’).


Women With Gifts IceCream part 2


Years later, after its successful development in several international markets, I decided to enlarge the portfolio and came up with a similar idea, combining health and indulgence but in a different sector and this is how the nouri healthy balls were created. I personally love art and design and all products we manufacture incorporate elements of beauty and elegance. When we create them, I am involved in every single step of the process, to make sure the reflect my initial idea and beliefs of what an indulgent product should look like.


Women With Gifts IceCream
Coconut Truffle Nouri

My new brand ‘nouri’ was inspired by the idea that healthy foods should be equally as delicious as every other snack out there. I felt that many healthy treats taste very similar (concentrated with dates and other dry fruits) and leave you searching for something more satisfying with a proper sense of indulgence. That’s why I decided that our number one focus with nouri should be taste. Our slogan ‘nourish your body, indulge your soul’ pretty much sums up our company ethos which surrounds the belief that we should all be able to eat delicious and indulgent foods whilst simultaneously giving our body all the nourishment it needs.

Women With Gifts Nouri

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