Recently, we asked female entrepreneurs the following question:
As a woman, if you could share anything about yourself that makes you different from any other woman, what would you share?
Today this question was answered by blogger Terry from Joys, Blessings, and Poetry

I am a woman of strength and beauty. I am a sister, mother, friend, companion, poet, writer, and a gift. Yes, I said gift. I give of myself fully. I have ears to hear someone’s story, hands to hold, a heart to love others, and to show compassion, arms to comfort, and a mouth to tell of love I have, to whisper prayers, and to shout positive affirmations.

I embrace all people. My heart sees the beauty in everything and everyone. I treat people with love, respect, and dignity.

I have experience with special needs individuals. In 1994 my daughter was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It affects her arms and legs. She’s been in a wheelchair since the age of three. She depends on other people for her care. She has taught me a lot about love, compassion, patience, and acceptance. I am blessed beyond what I have thought possible. She is 24 now. I embrace her beauty, her strength, and her joy of life. I am thankful for her.

With her disability comes the ability to make life a treasured event, full of possibilities, and a thrill for each new accomplishment. She greets each new day with smiles and kisses. She tackles everything with confidence and determination. She is my angel on wheels.

Since the year of her birth, I have enjoyed giving her what she needed. Each bath, each meal, each bedtime brought my heart a sense of true joy and amazement. At the end of every day I prayed for a wonderful gift of this girl I called my own, this girl we who has my heart in her two little hands. She is my love. She is my hero.

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