My name is Chundria Brownlow (@chundriatv on Twitter) I am a business woman in Los Angeles. I am a Television talk show host and owner of a production co. called Chundria Show Ent LLC.  My talk show is a 30-minute program that features rising talent and also guest experts discussing health & wellness, love & relationship, lifestyle and more.

Chundria Brownlow is a Television Host covering health & wellness, love & relationships, lifestyle, finance and amazing people on The Chundria Show. When the talk show isn’t filming live, Chundria covers celebrity interviews and exclusive red carpet events in Hollywood

Born and raised in Chicago, Chundria Brownlow has hosted and produced entertainment TV for many years. She is a fun, comical, charismatic and outgoing journalist. For 10 years, she has interviewed the industry’s favorite celebrities and rising stars including Angela Bassett, Elizabeth Frances, Rotimi Akinosho, Ashlee Lian, Danny Glover, Dwyane Wade, Tia Mowry, Robin Thicke, Trey Songz, Armando Alarcon and many more. Chundria is a proud alumni of Columbia College in her hometown Chicago, IL. holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television: Production/Directing.

When she’s not working, Chundria enjoys date nights with her husband, a day at the beach, brunching with friends and traveling. Visit her online at

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