The holidays are such a wonderful time of the year. It’s full of fun, baking, travel, entertaining, and lots of extra errands and tasks. By the time the holidays end, and January rolls around, dealing with the harsh cold of winter can get old, really fast. Instead of feeling like your caged up, why don’t you take advantage of that extra time you have at home? Why don’t you and your family make the most of this time and create some special times together, and find better ways to keep your energy levels up.


Surviving the Boredom


Instead of moping around, waiting for spring, use this time indoors to enhance your life and relationships.  Leave Old Man Winter sitting on the doorstep and check out these suggestions for surviving the remaining months until spring breaks.


  1. Cozy up with a favorite book or movie. How often do you allow yourself to totally relax and live in the moment? Nothing recharges your batteries like immersing yourself into a good book or movie. I love making some hot chocolate and fresh cookies or popcorn, turning on a good movie and drifting away to a new world. You deserve to experience some “R and R,” don’t you?
  • Give yourself the gift of relaxation in your own home at least one or two evenings a week in the winter time. Your mood will improve and your spirits will lift.
  1. Start accomplishing your goals. Taking time every now and then will help you to stay focused and positive about life. What do you want to accomplish over the next few months? By the end of the year? Look over your goals and make any changes necessary.
  • Once what path you want to take to achieve the goals you want, make a list of specific of things you can do now to move toward those established goals. Will doing some reading each day help? What about checking into some college websites if you’re considering some online courses?
  • Whatever your goals are, vow to make weekly progress toward them. Seeing some results can be a great mood-lifter during the dark winter months.


  1. Family Fun Nights. This one is easy and fun. Whether it’s a movie the kids pick or an inclusive video game (Mario Party is our favorite) or an old-fashioned board game night, winter weather provides numerous opportunities to spend time together and bond as a family. Two Fridays a month we have family game night. We usually play Monopoly with 3 large pizza’s and plenty of snacks.


  • Consider winter as the season to really get to know your kids’ interests by spending more time together. Help them do homework and explore their interests. Feeling shut in isn’t so bad when you remember that you’ve got your loved ones with you.
  1. Starting that new hobby. If you have been dying to try something new, now is the time, during these long winter nights, to educate yourself about the subject. Whether it’s learning photography, gardening, calligraphy, or a new language, you will bring yourself a inspiration and joy as you jump into a new and fascinating subject.


  • Once you’ve done your initial research, use the winter season to practice your new skill. By the time spring rolls around, you’ll be a resident expert in the topic of your choice.


Staying Revitalized


  1. Eat Smart for Winter


  • Avoid big meals. I love comfort foods as much as the next person, but your body has to work harder to digest those huge dinners. Try to eat more slowly and limit your portions.
  • Reach for healthier snacks. Complex carbohydrates will give you energy fast. Proteins provide fuel for the longer term. Make a salad of walnuts and winter greens for mid-day meals or lunch.
  • Eat more fiber. Foods rich in fiber help your body break down carbohydrates at a steadier pace over a longer time. That gives you more stamina. Feast on whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Stay hydrated. Munch on foods that are high in water content like celery sticks and grapefruit. Drink plenty of water too. Your blood will flow more easily, transporting the oxygen and nutrients your cells need.
  • Eat breakfast. You’re bound to feel fatigued unless you refuel in the morning. A healthy breakfast will also make it easier to resist fattening snacks or overeating at later meals.
  1. Sleep Well


  • Take a nap. Brief naps of 20 minutes or less will help you recharge. Just closing your eyes for a few minutes can also be refreshing.
  • Watch out for extra caffeine. Those chocolates and peppermint-flavored coffee drinks may put you over your limit for caffeine. If they’re keeping you up at night, cut back.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation. A cocktail may help you fall asleep faster but it interferes with the quality of your sleep. Try to avoid any alcohol within a few hours of bedtime.

The winter season can be cold, boring, and draining, but simple lifestyle changes are usually enough to keep you alert and not suffering the winter blues.


Use your imagination and creativity to survive the winter months. Relax while reading or watching TV, evaluate and work toward your goals, re-connect with your kids and spouse, and delve into a new hobby. Before you know it, the frigid weather will disappear and your life will be richer, too!

Nancy {My Everyday Challenge}


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