Hello my name is Danielle Downey and I am a mum to six children, am a business mentor and in July 2017 began to write my first book It’s No Secret, Thriving After Surviving.

My book came out on the  15th November and I am now venturing into the world of Motivational speaking along with my writing. My book  is an inspiring and motivating story about over coming adversity.

For many years I felt that I lacked a higher purpose, that there was another way for me to leave a legacy for others, to touch lives and maybe positively impact a few lives and that this way was for me to share my story in a book, as and when the time was right for me.

In July 2017 after a chance meeting in the June I began a two day course in reaching my inner potential called DNA Light UP and it was whilst sharing the inner complexities and details of my life in a session that I made the decision to start writing. It felt right. The session instilled in me a confidence I had never known nor felt before and I trusted my path intuitively.

I didn’t know the how, or the practicalities but got going that night.

So, why the grainy, old looking picture below you may ask?

The photo I have attached marks the beginning of my life as a survivor of sexual abuse, incest and neglect.

My abuse started not long after this photo was taken and continued until I was much, much older.
It occurred with three different people and the ramifications of the abuse haunted me until two years ago when aged 43 I decided to stop allowing my past to define me.

For all abuse is insidious, silent and toxic.

It can ruin lives, mental health and families. It can destroy and debilitate, shame and frame survivors into silence.

In writing my book I wanted other’s to know that they too can decide to heal, make changes and move forward with their lives, after abuse, tragedy, adversity and challenges.

That their lives can be beautiful again, vivid in colour and filled with hope, positivity and healing. That we can decide to not be the sum total of our past, but take lessons from it which can enable us to be a brighter, more beautiful version of our former self.

So, in my quest to write MY story down I sought to help those who faced challenges, are survivors, are lost, alone, angry or bewildered.

Because that sad little girl on that swing, who defied the odds, who cried, attempted suicide, ran away and endured much more than any child should have at the hands of people she should have trusted did not go through that for nothing.

I am not and have never been a victim. I and many others like me are survivors, warriors and chose to thrive, to survive, despite the odds.

I have written my book because it felt right, because I wanted to help and fuel the fires of change in others, to tell the world that It’s No Secret, not anymore, that I was abused, physically hurt, felt lost, alone, sad and empty but that I am OK with it now, because I chose to be.

I wrote my book to tell my story, because I was ready, open to the path and because it felt right. Because I am stronger & more resilient than ever and because I could!

It’s No Secret, Thriving After Surviving is my story and I am proud and would love to share with your network that we can be so much more than we believe we can be whether that is in our personal life or business life.

Women With Gifts It's No Secret, Thriving After Surviving

Be sure to follow me on Twitter. My book is currently out on Amazon and my website is Danielledowney.co.uk . 

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