I am Priyanka Nair from Mumbai, India. 32 years old. Born and bought in a Nuclear family. I am a postgraduate in Business Administration. Computer Geek and Internet savvy, still learning new skills to upgrade my self.
I have worked in industries for six years and it was in 2016 when I was diagnosed with Tubercular Lymph nodes, It is a rare kind of TB, in which my lymph nodes got swollen due to infection in it and if it gets malign, it could lead to cancer (Lymphoma). I was lucky enough to be diagnosed at an early stage and began my treatment which lasted for the whole 11 months.
That was the turning point in my life, my baby was hardly three years old at that time, I was working well in my professional front, I had to quit my job because I was not able to cope up with stress at all, I use to lie unconscious due to heavy medications and it was my mother who took care of my daughter in that whole period of treatment. My little girl used to get scared looking at me that condition, I still cannot forget the fear on her face. That was the time when I got time for self-introspection, ” Happy Realization” ..I asked myself is this it? Am I just meant to be like this?  I decided that no matter how long this treatment goes on I will not live like a patient, I will live more, I will love more. I realised what all we miss in our daily life, I realized life is meant to be lived, we should be grateful for what we have with us, we should be there for the people who need us, and I so much wanted to be back in my life and after six months I was pretty much stable, but was still advised complete rest for few more months. That was the time when I gave up on my full-time job because I wanted to make up the time I missed with my daughter and I identified my true passion for expressing myself, through words, through poetries, through singing.
I started my own blog in December 2016 and started writing, initially, I was not aware of the blogging world at all, I never understood the Google algorithms and the importance of each like, each follower. I used to write more in my personal diary than on my online blog. It was this year 2018 when I started full-fledged blogging and I could not believe the potential I had as a blogger, I was able to communicate my feelings, my words made sense, people could relate to my writings and yes I was getting appreciation and recognition.
Today I am present everywhere on Social Media, building myself alone, piece by piece with my limited knowledge. I read a lot, learn new things and apply to myself. I call myself a SOLOPRENEUR because Virtual Siyahi (my blog) is something which I am building alone, I write, I created a brand name Virtual Siyahi, I speak on youtube,I go to schools and interact with them and I am happy I took this step in my career,otherwise I would have never known what I am capable of. I also learned that motherhood is not always about giving, it is sometimes gaining also and Virtual Siyahi is something I gained out of it.
I am completely cured now and living a happy and healthy life. Exploring all the opportunities to build myself I connect with a lot of people, I support them, world needs a lot of appreciation and motivation, I try to be there for the people around me.
Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to me. Hope this information about me is enough. I will attach an article link about my Treatment journey and my recent photo.
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