The year’s end always brings with it certain reflection upon the year that was, and promise as I look ahead to the next year. Usually I’ll say I want to lose weight or procrastinate less. These large goals loom for a while. I may work on them for the first weeks or first months of the year, but I’ve never found myself thinking about them in June. I’ve never done a check-in with myself in the fall to see how all of those New Year’s promises were working out. And somehow they always get lost somewhere between late winter and early spring, if I’m lucky…late January if I’m not.
This past year has been an interesting one. I started blogging, something I had told myself to do for a long time. In 2018, I finally took the plunge and started. Am I where I want to be in the process? Certainly not, but I’m a lot farther along than I would’ve been had I not actually taken action a year ago. I’ve read a lot of advice on blogging this year, and the one piece that stands out to me is realistic goal-setting. Every successful blogger talks about how they make and keep realistic goals for their blogging process.
This is now my plan for 2019. I am making small, realistic goals for each month. I am planning it all out now. Could September’s need to be tweaked by the time I get there? Absolutely! But making a solid plan and writing it down is going to help me actually take those steps. I’m going to focus on blogging goals this year because that is where I want to concentrate to change my life, but I could do this for any area of my life. If I wanted to make a goal to lose weight, I would make monthly (weekly? daily? it’s up to you) concrete goals and…here’s the kicker…check in with those goals every month.
Breaking your goal into manageable parts and then checking in with yourself on those goals…that is a much more solid way of achieving goals than my usual pie in the sky goals with no measurable steps. I’m going to hold myself accountable in 2019. Happy New Year!
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