Women With Gifts Business Feature 12I’m Kate Blake from the UK . On October 26th 2018 I became an Amazon best selling Author. My first book and a story I felt I needed to tell before I was 50.

This story follows me and how in was adopted successfully as a baby into a loving family. The story looks at identity, low confidence and self esteem. 

Growing up in an educational family although I was loved felt inadequate academically . 

A violent life changing moment when I was raped on a family holiday at the age of 16 , sent a good life into free fall, drugs, sex, bad decision and loss. The birth of my wonderful children and struggling as a single parent. Stumbling through life with various jobs and hair brain money making plans. Setting up an escort agency to avoid going to prison for non payment of bills. Heading down a route of lap dancing before making some big changes in my life.

My life has had ups and downs but I’ve always had a sense of humour. My story may shock you at points, but hopefully it will also make you laugh just a little. 

Working with some fantastic employers ,  lecturers, counsellors and a coach my story looks at areas that had to change to make the necessary improvements in my life. 

It follows my journey of  re-education and healing as i rebuild myself to provide a better future for my family , myself and for others i may be able to help with coaching and mentoring. 

As I come up to my 50th Birthday i may of at last come to terms with who I am at a time when my body has decided to change. The book shows how i turned my life  around and became the positive strong and happy person I am today.

I work within the supply industry to Social Housing, selling Fire alarms and providing product training to electricians. But also offer a coaching service for people who want help to make life better. 


Women With Gifts Kate

I Will If You Won’t Let Me: A Story About Resilience, Defiance, Determination And Importantly Learning To Like Who You Are

Please take a moment to connect with me via my website or Facebook!

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