Hello my name is Camille Keane, I am currently a 21year old student completing a Bachelor of Music. My interests are singing, writing, learning, meeting new people, performing, and going on adventures. To get to know more about me, below are descriptions of three blog platforms I use to share and connect with others.
Women With Gifts Camille
A year ago, I stated a blog called Thoughts with Cami Blog. My post thus far has been about life topics, day to day experiences and I also touch on emotional experiences and faith at the foundation of progression. 🙂 Because of school,  I post once a month.
CamiSongs. A music blog account where I post songs of singing, keyboard playing, and an overall progression of my music journey over the past 5 years. Only more exciting projects are to come!
Last but not least, my personal account. This essentially is a lifestyle blog allowing for a glimpse into my life where I share special moments, interests, and activities via stories and posts.
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