Empowering women to feel more confident, to go after her goals, and life purpose is what I do and have done throughout my 20 year career in the beauty industry. Hi. My Name is Nicole Dionne. I am a Licensed Holistic Aesthetician, Makeup Artist, Eyebrow Designer, and Reiki Practitioner. My business is called The Ibrow Studio. I was one of the first few eyebrow pioneers in the early 2000’s, before eyebrows were “#onfleek”. When I opened my Business in 2002, my family crossed their eyes, and probably their fingers, ha-ha, hoping my brow speciality business would make it. Nearly 17 years later, I am still going strong.

The name of my business can downplay the other services in my range of practice. First and for most I am an Aesthetician, which is a skin care therapist. I was trained to help people have clear, healthy skin through facial services and correct product recommendations. I have helped women look younger & clear up acne skin. I love to perform facials, which are healing and nourishing to the skin. A glowing skin gives women confidence and I love that! A confident woman can change the world by feeling empowered to put herself out there and live her divine purpose. Lack of confidence can make a woman hide herself and her gifts away. If we want a better world, I believe women need to empower themselves, use their gifts, and get to work! Women typically work collectively and cooperatively without that competitive drive, so things tend to get done. Time for us ladies to step up and become world changers. Your corner of the world is, your town, city, or state and right in your own families. Making changes in your corner of the earth collectively impact transformation. Beauty treatments such as eyebrows, makeup, skin care, and body waxing can give a woman the confidence to do just that!

I am also a Reiki practitioner. I became certified this past summer. Reiki is the perfect addition to my business. Reiki is a Japanese healing modality. It is considered “energy work”. What I have experienced through this practice, is that it helps women (or men) move past old wounds, stress, anxiety, or other life situations that has a person feeling down mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. As the Reiki energy flows, a sense of calm, peace, relaxation follows. It cleanses and balances a person’s energy. Sometimes we can fall into depression or grief when dramatic life circumstances come our way. I believe Reiki promotes healing and helps restore a person’s inner strength. A healed and restored woman can be a world changer when she is no longer stuck in her sadness, pain, or trauma.

In a sense my business is a tool for women to find healing and restoration through beauty, whether that is helping them reclaim their identity and self worth, feel beautiful and confident, to get recharged after a hard day, week, or year. Beauty is an art, art is healing and empowering. I know this is my life’s calling. I wanted to be an Aesthetician since I was 15 years old and I have always had a heart to serve others.

In the past 3 I have taken my business online. I am a beauty blogger, and YouTuber. It’s a blend of beauty and soul. Soulless beauty is, vanity. Vanity promotes selfishness. Selfishness diminish a woman’s ability to live in her purpose and use her gifts. My blog and YouTube channel promote both beauty and soul. Mind, body, spirit is the flavor when you hang out with me on my social media spots. I love people and what I do. I love helping women look and feel pretty. And I love inspiring women to live in their divine calling. I feel very fortunate that my work, doesn’t feel like, work. I love every moment of my career in the beauty industry. If you would like to connect with me please friend, follow, or subscribe to all my hang out spots. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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