Women With Gifts Poet OneCheyenne Tyler Jacobs is a young black woman originally from Manchester Township, NJ. She started writing when she was a child and the earliest memory she has of her creating poetry was in third grade. She was being bullied and after the incident she pulled out a piece of paper and started writing a poem. Writing has always been a form of healing for Cheyenne and a chance for her to verbalize her feelings. As she got older she found herself with a collection of poems and when the opportunity came she submitted her work to national competitions and school journals.

Women With Gifts Poet Two

Unfortunately, her work was continuously turned down but it did not stop her from writing. When she was in High School her English class participated in NaNoWrimo and she learned the self-publishing process. That’s when it hit her!
The thought crossed her mind that “well if no one else wants to put my poems in a book…I guess I have to put them in one”.

Women With Gifts Poet ThreeShe published her first book The Mind of the Teenage Drama Queen as a senior in high school.

For a while after that writing seemed impossible because of new found traumas and heartbreaks. Slowly over time she was able to rediscover her voice as  on Instagram. It started out as her just posting poetry for her own enjoyment
but slowly it grew into something bigger.  Because of this her second book The Tragic Type of Beautiful was born. She started receiving emails, direct messages, messages, etc. from people asking her about her journey and thanking her for her transparency. Different platforms started featuring her book and this inspired Cheyenne to keep on telling her story. Cheyenne’s work started being featured on different social media platforms and later in poetry anthologies.  She received so much feedback that she knew She Will Speak was more than a platform for her poetry. Her writing shows readers they are not alone and their voices are being heard.  She does this by inviting readers into her reality and showing them that there can be beauty in the tragedy and pain.  Over the years she has learned how to heal from her own writing by ironically exposing
her wounds.

She believes her purpose in this world is to heal so she uses her creative platform to give voices to those who feel broken.  She Will Speak is more than poetry it is a place for those who need to reclaim their voice. Which is why she decided to create an anthology series for those women whose voices have gone silent. The theme of the first anthology of the She Will Speak Series is Gender Based Violence which will be published in early 2019. Cheyenne is a young woman breaking boundaries in not only the literary world but in life. Her heart for healing and making a difference has guided her to discover a power she couldn’t have imagined. She is defiantly someone who will be leaving a mark on this world.

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