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My name is Lisa Cybaniak and I am a Motivational Speaker, Success Coach & Founder of Life, like you mean it!

After surviving 10 years of physical, psychological and sexual abuse at the hands of my now ex step-father, I continued the psychological abuse on myself. I had come to believe the daily words he told me – that I was ugly, stupid, worthless, useless and nobody would ever love me.





Learning my value and worth was a game-changer. Now, driven to shed the stigma of being abused by breaking my silence, I use my experiences of recovery to help others overcome their obstacles, redefining not only their life goals, but also their mindset.

My mission is to empower women to find their personal purpose and move forward after abuse, to build the life they deserve.

Website/Business Info:

Life, like you mean it! is a online community empowering women to build a life of value after abuse, through coaching, online courses & supportive resources. Founded in 2016, it began as a platform to break my silence. It quickly grew to be the thriving business it is today, offering support and guidance for survivors on their healing journey.

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