Words Between Coasts was founded by Andrea and Lexi, two cousins who live on opposite coasts. Although they live so far away, they remain connected through their love of music, storytelling, and their Greek heritage. Andrea lives in Los Angeles, California. She started playing the piano at age 5, and was introduced to theatre when she was 11, playing the role of Snoopy in You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown. She has been acting ever since, and has picked up several other instruments along the way. When she’s not acting, playing music, or writing for the blog, she is scooping ice cream for happy customers. Lexi lives in Long Island, New York. She is also a musician, and loves writing her own songs on the guitar. Her heart lies in all things Disney after spending several months working at Disney World.

Photo via Words Between Coasts
Things to know about our blog
We are two girls with immense passion and zest for life!
We are strongly rooted in activism and just causes.

Many of our articles have the purpose of bringing awareness to important issues, including voting, gun control, and mental health issues.

We are passionate about getting people heard who have stories they need to share, including with their various artistic endeavors; so, we will publish poems, share original music, and promote artwork. We also do monthly themes. For November, we did a series called Thank You For, in order to celebrate gratitude. December will be about happiness and joy. We love spreading as much positive energy as possible, and making our corners of the world a little big brighter!

-Lexi & Andrea

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