As a teen, I remember my brother and I were inseparable or at least that was what I thought in my mind. In my mind we were close and that probably was because when he got in trouble with my parents, I was right there with him and vice versa. In my mind we were the Bonnie and Clyde of brother and sisterhood. I was a lot younger than my brother but for me that didn’t matter. I looked up to him.

One Christmas our family decided to have a secret Santa type of Christmas. It wasn’t until Christmas Eve that I realized that my oldest brother had picked my name and I had his. As the time grew closer to Christmas our family laughed as we ate and sat around the tree.

Our family began to sing Christmas songs and my brother was nowhere in sight. He was still God knows where partying, meanwhile everyone started to open presents and I couldn’t even imagine opening my presents without my brother. At first, I was excited just wondering what he had picked out for me. The longer he stayed away I no longer cared about his present, I only wanted his presence. If we all stop to think about it, most of us only enjoy Christmas and other holidays because of our family. Boys want their dads who can offer firm hugs and stern warnings, who may be labeled as an absent parent. Girls want their mom’s kisses and hugs to let them know that everything is going to be alright. People like me just long for their granny that had all the perfect comforting words and perfect holiday food.

Around this time of year most of us tend to scramble to buy someone the very best gift, but the most affordable thing you can offer someone is presence instead of presents.

The most meaningful present you can offer someone is what’s in your heart-love, kindness and compassion. This year let’s give meaningful gifts.- LK {Tweet This}

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