Bijal Shah is a book therapist. She creates personalized reading lists for people based on their needs, interests and reading habits.

In a world where a new book is published every minute, how do we filter what’s worth reading versus what should be shelved? Do we need someone who can curate reading lists for us based on our individual preferences, life predicaments, interests, reading habits and time constraints, that totally personalizes our reading experience? By this I mean human personalization, not algorithm-based book recommendations.

You can trawl Goodreads, Amazon and New York Times bestseller lists but that requires time and effort when we are poor on both accounts. And can we trust every review? Are books only ‘bestselling’ because their authors have learnt to game the system? In a world where everyone is super-conscious of what can be trusted online, how do you entice readers with great books?

A voracious reader with a permanent subconscious need to rescue others and share stories of how a piece of literature might resonate with them, Bijal could not help but jump at the possibility of creating personalized reading lists for time-poor people who just wanted to be told what to read. Book Therapy was born and personalized reading lists became Bijal’s raison-d’etre.

Book curation is the future. People want to read but don’t really have the time and need someone to tell them what to read based on what they are looking for – whether that’s a gift for someone, something therapeutic, a reading list for their children’s nursery, a list for their shiny, new coffee table or a literary reading list for a trip to India. Personalized reading will become more and more popular with time. Bijal gets clients to fill out a questionnaire. She then creates a personalized reading list based on their responses. Fancy one yourself? You can request one here.

Bijal’s also an author and sells a range of literary guides from literary travel prescriptions to literary therapeutic guides which you can browse or order here. Bijal’s also the author of The Happiness Mindset which has received more than 50 five star reviews on Amazon.

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