Women With Gifts Frugal Fab and JoyHello, Im Joy and the name of my blog is called Frugal, Fab and JOY!

This is a new adventure for me and in this process I am hoping to learn more about myself than I ever have. I plan to write about real life, my past, my present, and what I hope to see in the future. I love to share personal truths with others because I feel like it helps us all find a commonality and my hope is that it will leave no one out there feeling like they are “the only one”.

I plan to share my favorite recipes because I love to cook and I have to say most have been found on Pinterest! Thank goodness for that sight right?
I will also share all of my favorite finds and deals from Amazon in which I am an affiliate for. So when you click over onto my deals section please know that the links you shop through are my personal affiliate links and I do make a small commission off of your purchases.
I hope you all find great value in every aspect of this webpage and that it will help you find a place of comfort in knowing that everyone has a story and yours is just as important as the person sitting next to you.
Please take  a moment to check out my pages!
On Facebook I mostly run a deal blog that can be found at: www.facebook.com/dealswithjoy
Twitter I can be found at: (@jolson1979)
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