I am Katherine Massey Aka The Honest Blogger.

Katherine Massey is also known as “The Honest Blogger”, with her no filter approach to life as she talks openly about her mission to end the stigma around mental health.

She is the founder of Flintshire Housewives(FHW), a supportive community group with a charitable aim which supports local women and promotes open discussion around day to day struggles,  as part of her mission to encourage others to lead their best life, no matter what their past or background. 

She offers public speaking to schools, groups and organisations, to raise much-needed awareness around the struggles of mental health and wants her book to reach the big screen, to help others around the globe see there is light at the end of the tunnel, whatever you’ve been through, if you choose to take control. Despite her ambition, Katherine’s achievement she values most was becoming a mum.

Recently wrote a book called Living With Dolls, A story of Love, Mental illness and freedom. My goal with my book is to reach The Big screen, to empower and inspire the next generation to lead a healthier mind lifestyle. Motivational storyteller is what I love to do.
I have a community group where we raise the flag high to combat loneliness and support and raise awareness of Mental Health. I have retired from the hair and beauty industry after 26 years to pursue my dreams-the time is now.

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