Holidays bring out the joy of family time

I look forward to holidays. Spending time with my loved ones is even more enjoyable when everyone is around. Special seasons allow the wider family to come together.To me, the wider family is friends and loved ones, or those who have no one else to share the holiday with themselves. I was an only child and have lost both my parents. My family consists of myself, my two grown children, my fiancé, and my ex-husband. My home and my heart are larger than that, and that is why we extend our meaning of family. I especially love catching up with those whose presence eludes me throughout the rest of the year.


There is a lot to catch up on when my family gathers during the holidays. Spending hours hearing about how my family’s lives are unfolding is memorable. Life is crazy, chaotic, and busy. This time of the year opens so many opportunities to take time and catch up and remember all the memories and joys previously shared.


I miss playing games and watching old movies with my cousins. This time of year, reminds me of our happy time together as kids. I remember we would always go to my Aunt’s house. They only lived about 6 blocks away, and my Nanny (grandmother) lived there with them. She was wheelchair bound due to arthritis. My cousins were 10 years older than me so we never really got to see each other much. I can remember those days, gathered round the table in the kitchen, helping prepare some of the side dishes for dinner, laying on the living room floor watching John Wayne movies (my Uncle’s favorite), or playing board games with my cousins. Those memories last a lifetime and only become more engrained with each holiday we spent together.


Today, being able to spend the holidays with my extended family, in one place, reminds me how far-reaching my support base is. I feel honored to have that many people rooting for me. My children also share the value of family at the holidays. My son approached me several days before Thanksgiving and wanted to make sure it was okay that he invited his co-worker for dinner. Her family currently resides in the south and her boyfriend had ended their relationship. She would be alone. I must say I had tears in my eyes that the generosity my son extended made me the proudest parent. I was so inspired by his compassion.


Each year that we get to spend the holidays together is an opportunity to teach the younger generation the value of family and friendship.


My family history runs deeper than mere years of existence. It speaks to how much value we contribute to the world as a unit.


Today, the holidays are more important than ever to me because they give me a deeper understanding of family. I am happy to be a part of a family that lives together in love, respect, admiration, support, and joy. My children are getting older now and gatherings like this may not happen as often. They will have extended families of their own that they will have to share time with. I hope when they do, they share some of the stories of our holidays together with a smile on their face, and feeling of joy in their soul. 


5 Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What activities do I participate in during family get-togethers?
2. What role do I play in ensuring that our family stays connected across the miles?
3. What are some of the lessons that I learn from older and wiser family members?
4. What are some of the traditions I hope pass down to my grandchildren?
5. What role do I play in ensuring the traditions get passed down?

Have a Blessed Holiday Season!


Please take a moment to meet our guest blogger:

Nancy Mulligan

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