What Are You Thankful For?

Today is the day that most of us will gather around the table, carving out the biggest turkey,digging into amazing dressing or stuffing while passing sweet potatoes around the table.

Some of us will make the greatest memories today by hanging around family and friends while playing games,watching their favorite sports on television or just sitting around singing, gearing up for the next holiday. For some of us nothing can get better than that right?

Every year, every holiday, I’ve carried the guilt around of being sexually abused. At the age of 11 years old, I was molested by a family member. From that year forward, I was different but I didn’t know why. I was the type that masked my pain and depression by making jokes to make everyone think I was okay. Truth was I wasn’t okay and every holiday that reared it’s ugly head, proved I wasn’t okay.

During this time of not being okay, I would get invited to family holiday dinners and I would show up as late as possible,hoping that the big family crowd had died down or thinned out. I didn’t want to hear, “oh you’re so thin” or “oh you have picked up so much weight” or “why did you cut your hair?”or “why is your dress so short?” With family the questions could go on and on.

Some years because I just wanted the food I had been waiting for all year long,I made myself brave and bold enough to deal with my family’s crap just to get a plate. Funny thinking about it now,but so true. Some years I didn’t even fight my bosses on not working holidays because I wanted to make myself out to look like the hero rather than just not showing up to our family holiday gatherings at all.

Today as we, as I celebrate this and hopefully many more holidays to come, I’m grateful for FINALLY having a platform to tell my story of being a domestic violence and sexual abuse victim–NOW SURVIVOR!

I’m also grateful for having a support system to help me through the guilt, hurt and pain that I’ve carried around so many years. {Tweet This}

Today, I won’t exclude myself from holiday activities the way I have in the past because of my guilt and shame.Today I’m thankful for being stronger.~LK

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What are you thankful for?

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