Sometimes I Cry

When I was younger, I’m almost certain I had valid reasons to cry. I remember I would cry when I fell off my bike, when my brother got ice cream and I didn’t. I think I even cried when Eddie pushed me off the swing in the 5th grade and called me ugly.

After having kids, it’s almost as if God gave me extra tear ducts because He knew I would cry when my kids would go off to kindergarten, then middle school then graduate high school.

After my kiddy emotional years though, I know longer needed a reason to cry. To explain this just a tad better I mean I didn’t need a direct effect of something to happen to cry. That may sound super silly but I no longer had to be smack dab in the middle of a funeral or a wedding to cry. I just did. I would just cry! No break ups, no fights or petty arguments, no road rages on the way to work just pure tears for no reason at all.

Of course I will NEVER let anyone know about my crying issue because if I did they would send me straight to a doctor that would find me a new medicine for crying for no reason. I’m sure someone has already been prescribed that type of medicine a time or two.

One thing I’ve noticed about my crying spells though, it’s not the major things that hurt me like some would think, it’s always the minuscule things that tear me up. For example, like if I went to McDonald’s and they give me cold fries in the drive thru. I would probably cry like a baby for that. Simple stuff!

Sometimes the things that hurts us the worst are things that are small and petty. Remember that sometimes those things are just distractions deterring us from more pressing matters.~LK

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