Hello ~ my name is Nancy Mulligan and I created My Everyday Challenges which is an Inspirational Lifestyle Blog.  I was born and raised in New Jersey: just a Jersey Girl at heart I guess you could say. I have always lived along the Jersey Shore and have been blessed to be able to enjoy sunsets at the beach any time I needed a little inspiration. I had a very simple and loving childhood, filled with many memories.

I have spent my entire adult life working in the Food Service industry, which happened by accident, not by choice. I can’t say it was something I always enjoyed, but for some reason I seemed to be good at it. Although I still work in the industry full time, I write every minute of my time at home. I have discovered my love. I have also started writing a book so be on the lookout. Speaking of writing…

My Everyday Challenges is an Inspirational Lifestyle Blog that encourages you to journey with me in finding different ways to step out of our comfort zone and experience growth.  I am currently enrolled in a course for Certification as a Life Coach as a way of bringing more depth and understanding of growth into my blog. My biggest passion is to create a community that brings inspiration, healing, and challenges to your thoughts and actions that will result in helping you find purpose, growth and an overall self-awareness. Life can be stressful and sometimes it feels like society drains your motivation, but here, at My Everyday Challenges, you will find ways to gain back that motivation and have a little fun with growing thru challenges.  It All Starts With You.

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