Anxiety and Me

Anxiety is a pain, and this is something I am familiar with. Having anxiety in any of its forms can stop you from doing many things and most importantly living life to the full. There’s been so many times where my anxiety has put up a wall and I just can’t seem to knock it down because anxiety is holding me back. Sometimes anxiety makes simple everyday tasks overwhelming. Sometimes a situation can occur, with anxiety this situation is made worse and continues to get worse over time. Overthinking
a situation is something I always do, and I can get really ill with worrying about it. Sometimes panicking sets in and my breathing changes.

To help my anxiety, I do certain things or find things to help my anxiety. I thought I’d share things that I do to help my anxiety.
There’s nothing better than taking a bubble bath to relax your mind and having time to yourself. Allowing you time to shut off the outside world and just taking time to think of you. Sometimes I have a candle lit bath and lots of bubbles. I use this time to pamper myself.

Sleep is so important. Anxiety can be tiring and so getting enough sleep is important. With an active mind that is working overtime, worrying, sleep can be the last thing on your mind. I find reading before sleeping, helps turn my mind off. Most of the time I end up asleep before finishing my page. Make sure you drink lots of water and have an early night every now and then.

Staying positive
Staying positive isn’t always easy, especially with anxiety. And it’s hard to find that positive in a situation when you’re constantly anxious or worrying. I used Pinterest to find quotes that are positive and inspiring. Find something positive to be grateful for every day.

I find music really helps my anxiety and have a few playlists filled with different kinds of music. One playlist is filled with upbeat happy songs where as another playlist is filled with chilled out, relaxing music. Music can help lift your spirit when you aren’t feeling yourself.


Its always good to have someone to talk to when you feel anxious. I always find that talking about what I’m worried about helps and usually I’ve made a situation ten times worse than it is. Having that person to talk to, really helps thinking about the situation and what is actually happening, rather than the situation you’ve worried and created in your head.

And breathe…
Sometime anxiety can get you worked up and it is important to breathe. Taking time to focus on your breathing and clearing your mind can really help. Just reminding yourself to breath in and out slowly. I find this calms me down and I can try and focus on what I was worrying about in the first place. These are just some of the things I do when I have anxiety and I hope they help you too.
Hope you find these tips helpful


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