Hello my name is Gemma
My blog is all about bringing up my 4 children, their interests, our life together travelling on holidays and day trips as a family, reviewing things we enjoy.
Our blog started because I wanted a creative outlet, something to do to pass the time and I enjoyed writing reviews on places like trip advisor. One night I came across something called blogging and found an event that was happening in 3 weeks for parent bloggers and I randomly watched a live Faceboom chat about it and the lady seemed genuine so I booked on and 3 weeks later I was in Manchester meeting and chatting with lots of PR people, talking all things parenting and kids toys. I loved it, the networking, the chat, the business of it all and as a previous business owner and business management graduate as well as someone who liked to be social and network it all seemed to fit well.
I have had financial opportunities offered so far but have turned them down due to not being the right opportunities, I only want to write about products, travels and services that we enjoy – It is much more about working with brands we are actually interested in as a family and that we enjoy rather than just making a quick buck here and there. So at the moment I write for me, I have worked with a few brands and have thoroughly enjoyed that so far and hope we have longer relationships but at the moment I am writing about what interests me and makes me happy.
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