Hi! I’m Sharon 

InTheThickOfItBlog.com will help me chronicle L.I.F.E. as I am in the “Thick of It”! I post about LEARNING new things, being INSPIRED, FEELING FIT, and EVOLVING as a person. Let’s journey to our best possible L.I.F.E together.

I am a daughter, an ex-wife, and a working mom.  I am an enthusiastic cheerleader for all things I love, professional and personal. I currently live in Rhode Island with my only son, my mother, and my adoring Siberian Husky.

When I can get some time for myself, I love a good book, to hit the spa, to get outdoors, attend sporting events, enjoy cocktails with friends and shop for bargains to fuel my handbag and jewelry addiction.

I blog to chronicle & learn from the good & bad times. Lets journey together to our best possible L.I.F.E. 

Topics including

🌺 Learning🌺 Inspiring🌺 Fitness🌺 Evolving 

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