Empowering Women! Empowering Society!

What is women Empowerment?

In simple words we can say, giving power to women to decide their own lives and to take their own decisions.

Women play an important role in our modern society. For example when we empower women we also build a stronger economy and improve the quality of life as a whole for our communities. To be honest,women are the backbone of our nation and having an equal level of participation and representation developes all levels of our society.

In this society, the equal contribution of men and women is required to maintain a balance.  Education is the most important factor of empowering women.

Brigham Young once  said, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

Women being able to contribute equally to men in sectors like agriculture, health and in corporate vasities would allow our nation to grow effectively and effectiently. In a futuristic view, I feel the contribution of women is everywhere and they play every role with great responsibilities.

In order to make our country fully developed, women empowerment is essential. Below are the components of women’s empowerment:

  • The right to vote or make decisions
  • Indepency
  • More Education
  • The right to access opportunities and resources.
  • The right to access equal opportunities and all kind of resources.

Without women almost nothing is possible for men. Women are the intrical units of our socieity. They create and maintain families, families makes home, homes creates the dynamics of our society, and our societies makes up our country.

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