My name is Holly Bird, and I started my blog to share the multi-
generational life that we live. I bought a home with my daughter who has
a 5 year old Autistic son that I am the primary caregiver to, and we
also have my parents who are living in Arizona, they are divorced  and I
am trying to build on a suite for my Dad, so we have 4 generations,
who spend every day together, traveling, cooking, gardening, and even
doctors appointments.

I have just finished a book about care-giving of my husband who passed
away at 55 years old from Parkinson’s and dementia, I have not announce
on my blog that my husband passed away, I am leaving that for the book,
it is a major part of my life experiences and I would appreciate this not
being told to anyone until the book has been published, which is in its
final editing.

I raised my daughter as a single mother, and remarried when she was 16,
she is now in her mid 30’s, I was a step Mom to 4 children, and this was
one of the best experiences of my life.

Through my life I have been a very spiritual person, with the ability to
connect with Angels and people who have passed and started a Facebook
page, called Love Your Angels  to help others to connect
with their Angels. I also mentor and coach for people who request the
help. I have been doing Mentoring for woman and families for over 20

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share a small part of my life,
Holly Bird

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Facebook {Love Your Angels}

Facebook {Holly’s Bird Nest}


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