Letting Go

Whether or not we want to admit it women, WE are perfectionist. We want everything in our lives to fit like a puzzle. This is why it’s so easy to sell us tons of makeup, fake hair extensions, fake boobs, nails and whatever else the beauty industry produces because of our aim to be perfect.

I remember a time in my 20’s and I invited my brother’s then girlfriend, now wife over for Thanksgiving Dinner. At the time I couldn’t cook, but that wasn’t going to stop me for at least trying. It was Thanksgiving and I had never made turkey and dressing g before. My now sister-in-law was known for making the best down-home food from scratch so I really wanted to impress her. So, making the turkey I thought was simple. I just plopped it in the oven and thinking back on it, I may have cooked the turkey with all the stuff that you’re supposed to take out of the turkey before baking. However, when it came to the dressing or stuffing as some people may call it, I was totally out of my league. I thought to myself while making the stuffing how hard can this be? Here’s where I made my biggest mistake while making my first Thanksgiving dressing, INSTEAD OF USING baking powder I USED BAKING SODA. My sister-in-law, being the cooking guru that she was immediately said before we dived into my dressing,” I smell baking soda did you use baking soda in your food?” After I admitted to using baking soda in the dressing no one ate it and rightfully so because the baking soda made the stuffing so bitter. Although at most of our dinners together we laugh about this incident but I still find it hard to let go of my somewhat minor mistake.

When it comes to yesterday or our past in general, we should learn to let go. We spend a lot of time trying to cover up or correct what happened in our past instead of learning to let go.

When it comes to our past, we need to take the that was then, this is now approach. If we all admit it, we change daily so of course if we think of things, we’ve done in the past there’s NO WAY we would repeat the same mistakes. Right? Right!

Never regret the things that happened yesterday. Use what happened yesterday as a lesson plan to fix today.~LK {Tweet This}

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