Truth About Anger

Shortly after my dad’s funeral I remember going into my shell of anger. Im sure at the time of the funeral I remembered why I was so pissed and why I stopped speaking to my family but as seconds went by, minutes went by, hours went and days went by. Then months…. Then years went by I couldn’t remember why I started to shut my family out. I couldn’t even remember why I was so angry to begin with. I couldn’t remember if I was more upset with my dad for dying and leaving his unfinished business for us to handle or if my family had actually ticked me off.

Anger starts out really cute and it’s so small that you don’t really notice it at first. Then before you know it, you have this hole in your heart where love and peace once resided. But that’s the beauty of anger.

Anger is so deceptive that it eats at you mentally without you even knowing it. Before you know it the anger that started out so cute is now a ball of hate.

The truth about anger….Where does anger come from? How does it hide itself so perfectly in your heart? Sadly if allowed anger can actually outlast the person that’s angry-funny but true! No one can measure their anger until it too late.-LK

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