My name is Lisa but due to work and blog conflict, I use the blogging alias “LB”.  I’m a Scottish woman in my mid-twenties that is passionate about reducing stigma surrounding mental health related topics. I love music, traveling, and I’ve always loved writing. I started my blog this year to keep up the conversation about mental health and to reach out to those that might feel alone or without hope, and have been published in The Mighty a few times.

I started writing about mental health after the death of Chester Bennington.

OneMoreLightLB is a blog  to raise awareness for mental health/ mental illness and to share my favorite travel experiences. One Saturday, I wrote about what the hashtag #MakeChesterProud meant to me on the fan site “Linkin Park Association” and it was really well received, so I submitted it to The Mighty for publishing. From there, it was tweeted about by Anna Shinoda and after hiding for so long and wanting to join discussions about mental health, I finally felt I had found my voice. I write to reach other people with similar experiences, and to raise awareness for those who haven’t experienced it.

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