If at First You Don’t Succeed

When at first you don’t succeed do you really try… try again? Like who even created that motto? What does it really mean to TRY when you’ve become accustomed to failing?

When you try do you attempt something new or something old? People say “it’s” like riding a bike you never forget something you’ve learned before? What if you’ve only learned to fail? What if you’ve always succeeded at failing?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions or you’ve felt like this at least once then this inspiration is for you!

What’s the worst thing you can imagine about failing? As women, most of us are so inspired hearing how some of our favorite celebrities made it to being the idols they are today. Most of them even share similar stories on their road to stardom …. Grew up poor or from single parent homes. [YES] Survived domestic violence or sexual abuse [YES] and I’m sure their list of downfalls could go on and on.

If we take moment to think about it the only thing that our idols do that most of us don’t is —-> TRY. Oh yea and continue to try!

A lot of times, most of us equate success with money or something obtainable so when we try something for the first time and the results doesn’t fit into those two categories we then feel that we’ve failed….Right? Right! Sometimes it’s not okay to listen to that voice inside of your head especially when it sends us signals of doubt or a sense of failure. Wake up and try! Go to bed trying! Don’t give up and don’t give in! —

If at first you don’t succeed…. TRY TRY AGAIN!-William Hickson 

Written by LK

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