Amy is an American living in the central part of Japan. She has called Japan home for six and a half years. By day, Amy is a preschool teacher, teaching to three to four years old. But after work, you can find Amy listening to a variety of songs on her favorite music streaming site. She also spends her time by writing for her music blog, writing stories, studying Japanese, practicing Tae Kwon Do, watching TV or a movie, and reading something in English or Japanese. Her favorite singer is former Japanese pop star Namie Amuro. And her favorite shows are “Smallville” and “Sailor Moon”.
Her favorite proverb is “明日は明日の風が吹く” (ashita wa ashita no kaze ga fuku; tomorrow is another day). She believes that every morning brings a new beginning and not to dwell on the negatives of yesterday.
About My Blog:
ai love music is a music blog that is about finding out your new favorite song! It features songs from around the world, either newly released or from the past. There are also interviews and reviews on various new released from new and upcoming artists.
Amy started blogging in 2008 when she received a big box of CDs from Japan. Finding albums and singles from artists she never heard about, Amy began to write about what she found. Although she has taken breaks before due to college and other educational pursuits, this music blogger is now fully dedicated to her blog since July of this year.
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