It’s amazing how I tend to see videos on social media of people maybe playing an instrument or someone is singing amazingly and the caption reads “look how well this homeless man can sing” or “look how well this homeless lady can play the piano.”

Why do we tend to judge people based on their current circumstances? How many of us have said to someone begging on the street to “get a job”? For the most part, most of us say never judge a book by its cover, but isn’t that what we do when we judge someone by their downfalls? Why do we tend to label people based on their hardships?

We should never judge people by their downfalls.. Downfalls will never take away someone’s accomplishments they’ve received in life. The hardships people experience will never erase the degrees they’ve received, the kids they’ve had, their talents and this list could go on. Remember it only takes one minute for you to be in the shoes of the person you are judging.~LK

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