Tiff Turner
Hello my name is Tiffany Turner and I am a blogger originally from West Hartford, CT and currently residing in Raleigh NC.
I am literally a Northern belle of the South.
Here’s a little about me:
I am a ambitious, 28 year old, mom of an 8 year old girl named Bella and 1 year old dog name Harley Quinn. Yes my dog is named after Joker’s girlfriend…I blame Bella! I am from West Hartford, CT, an picturesque New England town in CT. And miss it dearly. I work full-time as an Administrative Assistant to an Senior VP & Office Manager. When I’m not doing that, I’m working on this blog which has quickly become a passion for me! I am recently engaged but up until I began dating my now finance I was a single mom, with my mother helping me every step along the way. I am a lover of chocolate, pumpkin beer and champagne. I can be extremely girly and usually am, but love a food pair of swears and a flannel t-shirt. I am everyone’s friend who talks too fast, rolls my eyes too much and says what everyone is thinking when they don’t want to. I am also that friend who will drop everything at 2 am, if you called me. All in all, I’m just a Northern girl living just South of heaven. 
northern belle
About my blog:
Originally from a quaint suburban, New England town, I moved south almost 3 years ago, been in Raleigh for little over a year. Safe to say you can’t take the northern out of me! So I began this blog to feed my soul and love for all things fashion, life and writing. But I also began it to comfort the newest transplant to a new city, the struggling single mom, the over look golden child and more, as I am and was all of these things. My blog will feature very real stories and will touch on all things, not just fashion, hence the lifestyle piece.   I am still dealing with a lot of emotions from not finishing college, to blending into this new family to my fathers death 10 years ago – I hope to share all these things and comfort other women struggling.  I love to shop and look chic, but I KNOW you don’t have to break bank to do it! As I embark on this journey, my hope it to not only intrigue but move and impower other women, one post at a time.
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