Why Am I in This Circle

Have you ever watched a fish tank and noticed that there’s always that one fish that’s trying to force his way into the larger school of fish but for some reason the fish doesn’t really fit it? In some cases the fish could be the same size or shape but they still don’t fit in with the larger pool of fish. Imagine that.

As humans, or should I say as women most of us don’t realize while we are going through the motions of trying to fit into a certain group that we really don’t fit in.

Why am I in this circle? We never ever stop to think about why we attempt to force our way into groups and cliques that everyone knows but us that we don’t fit into.

One year I attempted to join this group of moms because I thought it would enhance my ability to balance motherhood and working outside of the home… Boy was I wrong! We were total opposites. They talked about other moms while they weren’t around and sadly I knew they talked about me when I left the room too. Thinking back on it now, I can’t understand why I hung on to this group as long as I did, but there I was in the mist of vultures waiting on them to attack their next victim.

What is it that we are looking for when we cling to people that are clearly not of our caliber?

When we tend to force our way into relationships that are really not meant for us it is our way to fell validated. Sometimes it’s our circle of friends that can either make us feel complete or can make us feel depleted.

Remember that some circles are made to be broken. LK

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