What would happen if I listen

What would happen if I listen? Would life be better if we took a moment away from our busy lives to listen?

To ask myself this question implies that I’ve never listened to anyone-which may be partially true. No time in life have I asked myself this question but now I have to stop and wonder….what would happen if I took the time to listen?

From friends or old relationships, were they trying to tell me something and I really didn’t take time to listen? I can’t help but to ask myself did I miss something?

What about the times that my granny tried to give me her words of wisdom and I blew it off because at the time I felt she was old maybe the advice she had in her wasn’t for me. What if I would have listened? Now it’s too late I can’t rewind the time!

When I take a walk and I hear leaves crackling under my feet and birds chirping in my ear. Im missing the voice and beauty of nature! What would happen if I really stop to listen.

I heard my kids talking to me about what happened at school but in the back of my mind I was washing clothes, preparing dinner but I didn’t really didn’t hear… No excuses…. I should have listened!

I wish a million times that I would have just STOPPED one moment of my life to listen..

Everyone HEARS what you’re saying but no one really listens.-LK

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