Have you ever stopped and asked yourself….. WHAT AM I GOOD FOR? {be honest}

This is the question I ask myself when I’m having the roughest day possible or I’ve allowed people to get under my skin. Without a second thought, I’ll ask why am I here or what am I good for?

If you’ve ever experience this or you manage to beat yourself up mentally,please take a moment to breathe and stop asking yourself those types of questions. No really stop!

You exist because you have a true purpose. Very often we as women spend too much time trying to over analyze things. If we stopped to think about it, most of the things we stress about are things we are trying to accomplish to accommodate someone else.

I remember one of my close friends calling me before work once and asking me for a small loan to pay an electric bill. I knew between my expenses and the small loan I really didn’t have the extra money to spare. This telephone call pretty messed up my whole day because although this wasn’t MY bill or even my issue, I spent my whole day worrying about it. Basically trying to fit a puzzle where it really didn’t fit. How hard would it have been just to say I’m sorry right now I’m on a limited budget we don’t have the money to spare when I received the phone call?

I shared my experience just to show you that most of the time we beat ourselves up for not tailoring our lives to fit the needs of others. If you look at your life for a second, you will realize that most of us cater to so many things in our lives such as school, work, kid’s schedules, cleaning and this list could go on and on…..

So when you start asking yourself questions like, “What am I good for”or “Why am I here?”, that’s your cue that you’re probably either over analyzing your circumstances or you’ve taken on too many responsibilities-some that may not belong to you. Key things to remember about your life is you have a true purpose. Step back and breathe –LK   {Tweet This}


4 thoughts on “Inspiration| What Am I Good For

  1. I found the title of this post intriguing and I found it interesting. But I have to say, I don’t think I’m asking these questions because I’m doing too much for others, or have taken on too many responsibilities. In fact, when I take all the things I do for other people out of my day, my day becomes exceptionally empty. And the questions become even louder: Why Am I Here? What Am I Good For? Perhaps there’s a blog post in my future on this topic, too.
    My Best Friend Adeline


    1. Thank you so much for chiming in. We appreciate you for stopping by . This post is meant for people-women who get so caught up in doing so much that they get distracted from they purpose and goals. It’s not to say you don’t like doing for others but nothing you do should consume you or distract your focus. This is the meaning of this post


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