What Happens When I Fall

What happens when I fall? Imagine that for a moment. Better yet think about a time you stumbled but you actually didn’t fall. Now think about the time that you fell in a public place. Most of us when we are about to fall or the fall actually happens we don’t really care about the pain or the impact of the fall we only care about who is watching. Most of us before we realized what happened we try to get up and recover before anyone sees us. Right? Right!

I remember a time when someone had recently given me the greatest compliment ever on my skirt and how great I looked. I remember saying thank you and was in cloud nine for a brief moment. No sooner than I turned around from gloating,my right foot tangled with the bottom of my ankle length skirt then there I was suddenly falling! Face first! Something that I want each of you to know about a fall…. A fall seems like something that should be quick and fast but, in your mind the fall is playing in slow motion and sometimes in rewind or repeat. So that’s where the embarrassment comes into play.

When I had my fall it really affected me because I remember going into the nearest restroom and crying like a baby. Not because I was hurt. Physically I was was perfect other than a few a scrapes and bruises, but mentally I was damaged. My EGO was shot. I couldn’t imagine looking amazing and receiving compliments and falling so hard and so fast.

Think about this for a moment….WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT A FALL? No really ask yourself WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I FALL?

Our falls are very similar to our LIVES. We have ups and downs in our lives but sometimes we continue to go through our own emotions or PRETENDING things are okay with us when sometimes they’re not.

As a kid I remember learning to ride a bike or learning to skate and when I would fall and cry my mom would immediately pick me up. As adults we don’t allow anyone a chance to help or pick us up because we are too busy scrambling trying to hide the fact that we fell in the first place.

This is VERY similar to our everyday lives! We have ups and downs but when we have our downs we don’t wait for anyone to pick us up, we try to get up as fast as possible and recover so no one has a chance to see our true issues and setbacks.

What’s so bad about our falls? What’s the worst that can happen when you fall down? Even when we mess up, even when life doesn’t go our way what’s so bad about that? What’s so bad or so hard about allowing others to see us at a vulnerable state or period in our lives? What we fail to remember is when we allow people to see our transparency of falling and getting back up we are really teaching them how to handle life!

Falling does equate failure. Know that falling is only one incident in our lives that makes us stronger for the next fall that may happen in our life… Don’t worry about who’s watching just get back up again. You can do this! –LK

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