Sometimes we forget to put our pens to paper and share our truths. Share the intimate details that you may or may not feel comfortable saying aloud.

What are our truths? What are the things we should say but we bury it at the back of our minds?What we tend to forget as women, or I guess I should say as humans in general is that it’s okay to share the things that we may forgotten to say in the past.

What are the things we should share with others?

Truth is I’m sorry for all the things I said. I’m sorry for never saying I love you. Sorry for allowing you to leave when I really wanted you to stay. After this moment. After this truth know that I will never let you go. Know that I will never hate you again.

This post is dedicated the love note that I’ve kept in my head. Read it and read it well because it will never be said!

Never let words get in the way. Always write what you feel and don’t even consider thinking about what others may feel about what you wrote.

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