Today let’s talk relationships… Women…most of us tend to have strong emotions when it comes to relationships but we are really weak when it comes to letting go of the wrong relationships. Oftentimes, we carry baggage from one relationship to another which sometimes prevents us from finding true, honest, healthy relationships.

We allow our minds to race when it comes to our relationships because of one simple reason we are afraid to let go. We are so afraid to say no when we need to so we allow our hearts to fall for things we know aren’t true- just to cling to a to-good-be-true relationship. This article is not just about dating type relationships its about ANY time of relationship.

Do we ever stop to think about how we treat others in general?

We have developed such an ideology of how we assume relationships are supposed to work and when that pattern doesn’t work we tend to take advice from people who could care less about how they treat others in a relationship. In our minds, we think I’m going to be great in this relationship with family and friends only and we tend to forget about the relationships we should nurture with everyone else outside of that close-knit circle.

We search and search for all the right relationships but we end up empty handed because we are afraid to allow ourselves to be who we were created to be-without pretenses. Just being you! The best relationship you can have is with your truth!

Relationship 101: Whether it’s a husband, a wife ,boyfriend,girlfriend or friendships, when people LOVE you they take care of you PERIOD-with no excuses.People will ALWAYS put their money where their heart is.-LK

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