Some may call them dirty little secrets,some may call them white lies and some may tell you that your secrets are skeletons in the closet or skeletons coming out of the closet. Either way no matter how you try to spice it up they are still SECRETS.

Secrets sometimes remain dirty little secrets because once people hear the word secret our mind mentally freezes and we quickly remember that we have to take our secret or secrets to our graves. This tends to be the way we shield OUR secrets. For example, when someone says, “this is personal or this is a secret” our mind hears free or freedom. So oftentimes we tend to share others’ secrets without given it a second thought.

Let’s think about that for a moment….Shouldn’t our train of thought be different when it comes to secrets? Shouldn’t we hold on to our friends or families’ secrets for dear life and leave the door wide open for our secrets to catch some fresh air?

When we think of secrets we tend to think of something dirty which makes it seem more taboo. Instead we should think of our secrets as MISTAKES. Calling secrets what they are gives you the ability to accept your MISTAKES and move forward instead of holding on to guilt and shame. The worst thing about mistakes or “secrets” are we tend to hide important things from others and hide the truth from ourselves.

Some secrets will wash away and some secrets are in permanent ink.-LK

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